WordPress Plugin Development – Step by Step Guide

WordPress Plugin Development - Step by Step Guide

What is a Plugin?

Plugin is a package of files which can be added to your WordPress website. It can be used to extend the core functionality or add new functionality on your WordPress site without modifying the core. A WordPress package can be created with PHP, images, CSS and JS file resources as per your business needs. Continue reading “WordPress Plugin Development – Step by Step Guide”


What is DMCA? Why Your Website Needs a DMCA/Copyright Policy?

What is DMCA? Why Your Website Needs a DMCA:Copyright Policy - SEO Services

In today’s digital world, where online content sharing is the norm and 3D printers can produce numerous copies of any product within minutes, dealing with the copyright law online is like fishing in murky waters. Not many small business owners know what it is and how it impacts their business site Continue reading “What is DMCA? Why Your Website Needs a DMCA/Copyright Policy?”

How to Upgrade Magento 2 Website to Latest Version

How to upgrade magento 2 website to latest version

Magento 2 is the next generation eCommerce platform with lots of benefits over the older version Magento 1

Since you are already running your web shop on Magento 2, it is important that you keep it secure and up to date by upgrading your Mageno 2 set up to the latest stable version

And to make it easy for you, our magento developers have prepared this guide to update your magento 2 installation to latest version

This Article is Originally Posted on IceCube Digital – Best Magento 2 Migration Services Company. Read this complete guide to know How to Upgrade Magento 2 Website to Latest Version

Why Responsive Design is Important for eCommerce

Why Responsive Design is Important for eCommerce

It seems that the current trend in the field of web design and development is “responsive”. Everyone wants to have a responsive web site and if you are an eCommerce store owner selling goods online, it’s very essential to have your web store responsive in order to cater potential and major crowd of customers who visits your web store using different screen size devices during these days. Continue reading “Why Responsive Design is Important for eCommerce”

25 Common SEO Questions and Their Answers

25 Common SEO Questions and Their Answers - SEO SERVICES

If you are just starting an e-commerce store or a company website and are looking for ways to make it popular, one thing that you’d come across quite frequently is SEO. The search engines and SEO experts have already published thousands of articles on SEO and how one can improve the ranking of their websites on search engines like Google and Bing. Continue reading “25 Common SEO Questions and Their Answers”